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Amethyst Cabochon Pendant in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold w/chain

Genuine Amethyst Cabochon Pendant
Genuine Amethyst Cabochon Pendant
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Product Description

Amethyst Cabochon Pendant in 14K Gold and Sterling Silver. A very unique design perfect for day or evening. The Cabochon cut gives a special depth to this Amethyst Pendant and blends it perfectly with the unique Sterling Silver and gold design. This Amethyst Pendant will quickly become your go to piece when you need some extra style.

Comes with a Sterling silver Box Chain. If you would like a 14k yellow gold chain, please call to order.

1 06.00 MM AA Cab, Genuine Amethyst - Round Cab; AA Quality

Amethyst, the traditional birthstone for the month of February, is available in small and large sizes, although as with all gemstones, very large sizes in rich, deep colors have always been rare. Designers celebrate amethyst as the ideal choice for jewelry because of its regal color, variety of sizes and shapes, affordability and wide tonal range from light to dark purple.